Academic Subjects Covered

At Chase’s Middle School, you will become an independent thinker, a confident communicator and an engaged leader that contributes to the community. The program actively supports the mission of inspiring a lifelong passion for learning and personal achievement within each student.



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Athletics Program



Chase Collegiate student council smiling in group photo

Lead the Way

As a Middle School student at Chase, you will have the opportunity to inspire your own sense of leadership through student-led initiatives. Some of these opportunities include:


  • Joining the Student Council and taking part in the active, weekly meetings that develop community service and spirit initiatives.
  • Taking part in the student-led MS Meeting for the entire community every other day.
  • Participating in community talks in which students present a significant moment or experience in their life while listening to others present their own.
  • Leading of clubs with other students and a faculty sponsor.
  • Serving as team captains or another leadership role on an athletic team.
  • Attending the CAIS Student Diversity and Leadership Conference, an exciting opportunity for 7th and 8th grade students.

Find Your Voice: Public Speaking

An essential part of the Middle School program at Chase are the seventh and eighth grade Declamations. Becoming a confident public speaker is a pivotal part of the Chase education and Middle School students help build toward this goal by presenting two formal speeches, known as Declamations, to their entire class, parents and guests. This is a signature event for Middle School students, teaching students the value of critical thinking, research and composition all while building oratorical skills that will last a lifetime. 

Find Your Space

Chase Collegiate believes in the notion of acceptance in a welcoming environment—whether that’s in the classroom, on a sports field or on stage. Middle School students are given the opportunity to become involved in a number of exciting extracurriculars such as joining a team, auditioning for a musical or playing in the school band! There’s always a space for you.